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784-Zoning change to 610 Dryers Rd

785-Zoning change to 800 N Front St

786-Set employee wages



01-09-18-01-Set mileage rate

01-09-18-02-Approve purchase of PD supplies

01-09-18-03-Approve appointment of Drew Harsin to FD

02-13-18-01-Set FD Certification Admin

02-13-18-02-Approve purchase of mower

02-13-18-03-Approve repair of bobcat

02-13-18-06-Approve Cox franchiese agreement renewal

02-13-18-07-Approve purchase of humidifiers

03-13-18-01-Approve appointment of Adam Smith to the Park and Tree Board

03-13-18-02-Approve purchase of picnic tables

03-13-18-03-Approve treatment of trees and bushes

03-13-18-04-Approve appointment of Erin Morford as alternate on Park and Tree Board

04-10-18-01-Approve appointment of Chris Kleveland to Fire Department

04-10-18-02-Approve appointment of Christian McKenzie to Fire Department

04-10-18-03-Approve PD purchase

04-10-18-04-Approve Douglas County Library Interlocal Addendum

04-10-18-05-Approve appointment of Tom Harrie as an alternate on the Library Board

05-08-18-01-Approve street and storm sewer repairs

05-08-18-03-Approve sign replacement plan

05-08-18-04-Approve purchase of supplies

05-08-18-05-Approve purchase of supplies

05-08-18-06-Arbor Day Proclamation

05-08-18-07-Approve repairs to park restrooms

05-08-18-08-Approve Redevelopment Project Plan

05-08-18-09-Approve amended Redevelopment Contract

05-08-18-10-Approve appointment of Kyle Rotert to FD

05-08-18-11-Approve appointment of Ben Johnson to FD

05-08-18-12-Approve purchase of supplies

05-08-18-13-Approve purchase of supplies