793-to approve food truck regulations

798-to issue new highway allocation bonds

799-to correct Ord.797, setting employee wages

800-to set police department wages

801-to approve sewer rate increase

802-to approve the budget section of the code book

803-to set part-time police wages

804-to change the months used to calculate sewer averages


01-14-20-01-to approve appointment Randy Fuller to FD

01-14-20-03-to approve appointment of Kayla Fuller to FD

01-14-20-05-Arbor Day Proclamation

01-14-20-06-to set 2020 mileage rate

01-14-20-07-to approve bid for flap gate cleanout

01-14-20-08-to approve hiring a full time police officer

01-14-20-09-to approve hiring a part time police officer

02-11-20-01-to approve purchase of extendable boom

02-11-20-02-to appoint Kyle Rotert as an alternate on the Park and Tree Board

02-11-20-03-to appoint Nikki Ewing as a member on the Park and Tree Board

02-11-20-04-to approve CWSRF loan

02-11-20-05-to approve Charles Trufholz as an on call maintenance employee

03-10-20-01-to approve renewal of PeopleService maintenance contract

03-10-20-02-to approve employment of Nathan Murphy as an on call maintenance employee

03-10-20-03-to approve purchase of mower

03-10-20-04-to approve purchase of rock for levee

03-10-20-05-to approve repairs to the town hall front door

03-10-20-06-to approve increase of health insurance contribution

03-10-20-07-to approve employment of Mark Wilson as a full-time maintenance employee

04-14-20-01-to approve employment of Jerry Brown as a part-time police officer

04-14-20-02-to approve purchase of a 2013 Chevy Caprice for use as a police cruiser at a cost of $13,500 from Light Em Up Emergency Equipment

05-12-20-01-to approve purchase of radio for new cruiser from Motorola in the amount of $5,425.70

05-12-20-02-to approve purchase of decals for new cruiser from On Site Decals in the amount of $525

05-12-20-03-to approve purchase of signs according to sign replacement policy from Econo Signs in the amount of $2,826.93

05-12-20-04-to approve No parking on east side of Thomas Drive and north side of Agee Lane

05-12-20-05-to approve purchase and installation of flag poles for the Town Hall building from A-1 Flags, Poles & Repair at a cost of $1,863

06-09-20-01-to approve purchase of flowers from Viaduct Gardens in the amount of $700 for planters on Main Street

06-09-20-02-approve bid for installation of sod around splash pad from The Sod Co. at a cost of $1,380

06-09-20-03-to approve bid from Standard Heating and Air for repairs needed to the HVAC system at the town hall building at a cost of $738.34

06-09-20-04-to approve bid from SteriClean to disinfect library following the primary election at a cost of $1,079.16

06-09-20-05-to approve bid from Elevation Graphics for 14 pole banners at a cost of $2,660

06-09-20-07-to approve amendment #1 to contract with JEO for flood damage projects increasing the contract price $8,900 due to additional projects

06-09-20-08-to approve use of municipal property for sports and recreational activities

06-09-20-09-to approve bid for demolition of 410 Jefferson Street

07-14-20-01-to approve installation of hand dryers in park bathrooms by Custom Electric at a cost of $1042

07-14-20-02-to approve work done to electrical box in park bathrooms by Custom Electric at a cost of $2000

07-14-20-03-approve allowing alcohol at Cedar Hollow Park baseball field for Waterloo Days Softball Tournament on August 29, 2020

07-14-20-04-approve SDL for August 29, 2020 at Cedar Hollow Park baseball field and Thrive Space baseball field

07-14-20-05-approve MAPA Functional Classification Change to add N 240 St, 7th St and N Front St from Blondo Rd to W Maple Rd as a minor collector

07-14-20-06-approve lot certifications for Homes at River Road

07-14-20-07-to approve appointment of Tony Marriot to the FD

07-14-20-08-to approve appointment of Jordon Teplitsky to the FD

07-14-20-09-to approve appointment of Scott Mumm to the FD

07-14-20-10-to approve appointment of Bob Eggen to Planning Board

07-14-20-11-to approve appointment of Jayson Pruitt to Planning Board

07-14-20-12-to approve contract with La Rue’s Little Horse Ranch Pony Ride for Waterloo Days at a cost of $700

08-11-20-01-to approve appointment of Molly Patrick to the FD

08-11-20-02-to approve quote for installation of equipment from Elite Outfitters in the amount of $3,817.94

08-11-20-03-to approve purchase of computers from Best Buy in the amount of $1,149.98

08-11-20-04-to approve renewal of Interlocal Agreement with Douglas County

08-11-20-05- to approve participation in the Multi-jurisdicitonal Hazard Mitigation Plan

08-11-20-06-to place lien on 23407 Denton for mowing

08-11-20-08-to amend Harvest Heights Redevelopment agreement

08-11-20-09-to approve loan for building and splash pad for $300k with Foundation One Bank at an interest rate of 4.1% securing with a CD

08-11-20-10-to remove no truck regulations on Blondo St

09-15-20-01-to approve appointment of Izzy Daniels to the fire department

09-15-20-02-to approve quote from Astro Buildings to insulate fd building

09-15-20-03-to approve purchase from Danko for fd

09-15-20-04-to approve quote from Elite Outfitters for repairs to a fd vehicle

09-15-20-05-to approve purchase from Amazon for library

09-15-20-06-to set property tax request for 20/21

09-15-20-07-to approve 1 & 6 year plan

09-15-20-08-to approve signing the annual municipal certification program

09-15-20-11-to approve contract with Tom's Backhoe Service for lift station project

09-15-20-12-to approve purchase of masks and polos for employees

10-13-20-01-to appove employment of part-time police officer

10-13-20-02-to approve amended Redevelopment contract for Homes at River Road

10-13-20-03-to approve CPI increase with PeopleService

10-13-20-04-to approved amended Redevelopment contract for Harvest Heights

10-13-20-05-to approve Douglas County Local Emergency Operations Plan

11-10-20-01-to approve Jerry Bruna as a part-time police officer

11-10-20-02-to approve appointment of Janae Robinson to Library Board

11-10-20-03-to approve purchase of library supplies

11-10-20-04-to approve lien on 410 Jefferson St for demo

11-10-20-05-to approve amendment to Homes at River Road Redevelopment Contract

12-08-20-01-to approve Zito Media Franchise agreement

12-08-20-03-Street Superintendent Certification

12-08-20-04-to approve purchase of FD supplies through the CARES Act


Agendas and Minutes

**Agendas will be available on the website the day before the meeting by noon whenever possible. The minutes will be available on the website after approval at the following meeting.

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