762-Increase water rates

763-Increase sewer rates

764-Increase employee wages

765-To correct Ord.762

766-To correct Ord.763

767-To correct Ord.764

768-Change zoning of lots 6-10 on block 18 from residential to commercial-Not Approved

769-Change zoning of 2401 River Road Drive from residential to commercial

770-Set regulations for use of ATVs, UTVs and golf carts

771-Change number of planning board members from 5 to 7-tabled

772-Mt. Michael bond issue

773-Change number of fire department members to 55

774-Amend firework regulations

775-Amend library regulations



01-12-16-01- Approve purchase of water supplies

01-12-16-02- Approve repeat monitoring procedures

01-12-16-03- Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

01-12-16-04- Decrease mileage rates

01-26-16-03- Reappoint Fred Brown to Planning Board

01-26-16-04- Approve lien on 23607 Walnut Cir

02-09-16-01- Approve One & Six Year Plan

02-09-16-02- Approve Dog House SDL

02-23-16-01-To approve contract change with Astro Buildings

02-23-16-02-To purchase CD's with water funds

03-22-16-01-Approve purchase of park supplies

03-22-16-02-Approve purchase of FD supplies for storage building

04-12-16-01-Approve repair for library flag lights

04-12-16-02-Approve employment of Hope Songster as library assistant

04-12-16-03-To appoint Greg Hall to the planning commission

04-26-16-01-Approve TIF amendment with Properties Unlimited

04-26-16-02-Approve employement of Tom Lamb as part-time police officer

04-26-16-03-Approve bid from West Omaha Irrigation for FD sprinklers

04-26-16-04-Approve contract with Yong Construction for Donahue Drainageway Project

05-10-16-01-Approve expending up to $2000 on levee camera inspection

05-24-16-01-Approve TIF contract with Properties Unlimited

05-24-16-02-Set hearing date for sidewalk assessments

05-24-16-03-Approve FireBard SDL-6.11.16

06-14-16-02-Approve appointment of Alec Linden to FD

06-14-16-03-Approve appointment of Joe Wieczorek to FD

06-14-16-04-Approve appointment of Robert Boroff to FD

06-14-16-05-Approve appointment of Bonnie Fiest to FD

06-14-16-06-Approve purchase of mosquito chemicals

06-28-16-01-Approve Homes at River Road TIF amendment

06-28-16-02-Approve multi-jurisdiction hazard mitigation plan update

06-28-16-03-Approve street closure

06-28-16-04-Approve HVAC service contracts

07-12-16-01-Approve NDOR contract

07-12-16-02-Approve purchase of trash pump and generator

07-12-16-03-Set assessments for sidewalk improvement district

07-26-16-01-Approve purchase of FD supplies

07-26-16-02-Approve SDL for R Bar on Aug.13

07-26-16-03-Approve street closure on Aug.13

07-26-16-04-Approve purchase of PD supplies

07-26-16-05-Approve appointment of Mitchell Lopeman to FD

07-26-16-06-Approve appointment of Courtney Feist to FD

08-09-16-01-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

08-09-16-02-Approve appointment of Kathy Gilson to Library Board

08-09-16-03-Approve appointment of Heidi Melcher to Library Board

08-23-16-01-Trail phase 4 grant application

08-23-16-02-Approve purchase of supplies for police department

08-23-16-03-Approve changes to personnel manual

09-27-16-01-Approve purchase of WWTF supplies

09-27-16-02-Approve concrete installation

09-27-16-03-Approve Interlocal to purchase rescue squad

09-27-16-05-Approve appointment of Ted Maynor to FD

10-11-16-01-Approve appointment of Joyce Degroff to Planning Commission

10-11-16-03-Amend Res.07-12-16-03 to change assessment date

10-25-16-02-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

10-25-16-03-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

10-25-16-04-Approve installation of speed bumps

11-08-16-01-Approve bid from Mutchie

11-22-16-01-Approve bid for new weed truck

11-22-16-03-Approve appointment of Randell Albrecht to the Library Board

12-20-16-01-Appoint Andrew Naylor to the Fire Department

12-20-16-02-Appoint David Komasinski to the Fire Department

12-20-16-03-Set firework regulations for 2017

12-20-16-04-Approve bid for trail repairs

Agendas and Minutes

Regular-1/12/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-1/26/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-2/09/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-2/23/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-3/8/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-3/22/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-4/12/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-4/26/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-5/10/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-5/24/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-6/14/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-6/28/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-7/12/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-7/26/16-Agenda - Minutes

Special-8/01/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-8/09/16-Agenda - Minutes

Special-08/22/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-8/23/16-Agenda - Minutes

Special-9/12/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-9/13/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-9/27/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-10/11/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-10/25/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-11/08/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-11/22/16-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-12/20*/16-Agenda - Minutes

*The regular meeting scheduled for 12/13 will be held on 12/20 to allow Trustees to attend a training workshop.

**The regular meeting scheduled for 12/27 was canceled.