752-Outdoor music regulations

753-Amend nuisance regulations

754-Amend nuisance regulations

755-Update residential building codes

756-Amend building fee schedule

757-Update commercial/industrial building codes

758-Adopt energy conservation codes

759-Update mechanical codes

760-Update plumbing codes

761-Change maximum number of FD members



01-13-15-01-Declare intention for requesting reimbursement on street project

01-13-15-02-Approve appointment of Greg Hall to FD

01-13-15-03-Approve appoint of Cory VanBlarcom to FD

01-27-15-01-Approve amendment to MUD agreement

02-10-15-02-Approve making Wes Chrisman full-time

02-24-15-01-Approve purchase of park signs

02-24-15-02-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

03-10-15-02-Approve purchase of FD equipment

03-24-15-01-Approve purchase of FD supplies

03-24-15-02-Place lien on 2220 Thomas Dr for unpaid utilities

04-14-15-01-Approve Dog House SDL-8.22.15

04-14-15-02-Approve street closure-8.22.15

04-14-15-03-Place lien on 410 Jefferson for unpaid untilites

05-12-15-01-Approve street closure-5.24.15

05-12-15-02-Approve FireBarn SDL-6.13.15

05-12-15-03-Approve participation in Hazard Mitigation Plan

05-12-15-04-Approve appointment of Patrick Rudnick to FD

05-12-15-05-Approve appointment of Jared Rudnick to FD

06-23-15-01-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

07-14-15-01-Approve amendment to Homes at River Road Redevelopment agreement

07-14-15-02-Approve purchase of mulch

07-14-15-03-Approve naming of mini park

07-28-15-01-Approve purchase of PD supplies

07-28-15-02-Create handicap parking spot

08-11-15-01-Approve appointment of Matt Luettel to the Fire Department

08-11-15-02-Approve appointment of Grant Petrmichl to the Fire Department

08-11-15-03-Approve appointment of Caleb Johnson to the Fire Department

08-11-15-04-Approve appointment of Nick Blodgett to the Fire Department

08-11-15-05-Approve appointment of Josiah Black to the Fire Department

08-11-15-06-Approve purchase of office supplies

08-11-15-07-Approve purchase of police supplies

08-11-15-08-Approve street closure on 8.22.15

08-11-15-10-Approve sale of municipal property

08-11-15-11-Permit consumption of alcohol in Cedar Hollow Park on 8.22.15

08-25-15-01-Approve Interlocal agreement with Douglas County for permitting & inspection services

08-25-15-02-Approve appointment of Max McKeever to the Fire Department

09-22-15-01-Approve appointment of Kyle Winn to FD

09-22-15-02-Approve appointment of David Kirk to FD

10-13-15-01-Approve appointment of Dillion Gotch to FD

10-13-15-02-Approve appointment of Andrew Berry to FD

10-13-15-03-Approve bid for library repairs

10-13-15-04-Approve appointment of Jodi Christensen to library board

10-13-15-05-Approve appointment of Jill Curtis to library board

10-13-15-06-Set Village Depository

10-27-15-01-Approve purchase of water tower controls

10-27-15-02-Approve sale of Village property

10-27-15-03-Approve amendment to PeopleService contract

11-17-15-01-Approve purchase of police supplies

11-17-15-03-Approve renewal of Humane Society contract

11-17-15-04-Approve appointment of Mike Mikulicz to the fire department

11-24-15-01-Approve ACH contract with Foundation One Bank

12-08-15-02-Set number of Firework stands and change deposit requirement

12-08-15-03-Approve purchase of salt

12-08-15-04-Approve appointment of Jackson Eisenbrown to FD

12-08-15-05-Approve appointment of Chris Petersen to FD

Agendas and Minutes

Regular-1/13/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-1/27/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-2/10/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-2/24/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-3/10/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-3/24/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-4/14/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-4/28/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-5/12/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-5/26/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-6/09/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-6/23/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-7/14/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-7/28/15-Agenda - Minutes

Special- 7/29/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-8/11/15-Agenda - Minutes

Special-8/17/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-8/25/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-9/08/15-Agenda - Minutes

Special-9/14/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-9/22/15-Agenda - Minutes

Special-10/13/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-10/13/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-10/27/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular*-11/17/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-11/24/15-Agenda - Minutes

Special-12/08/15-Agenda - Minutes

Regular-12/08/15-Agenda - Minutes


*Due to lack of quorom, the regular meeting scheduled for 11/10/15 was rescheduled for 11/17/15