726-Increase water rates

727-Amend firework regulations

728-Amend Zoning Regulations (signs, civic, commercial and office)

729-Setting employee salaries



01-08-13-01-not passed

01-08-13-02-Increase mileage rate

01-22-13-01-not passed

01-22-13-02-not passed

01-22-13-03-Set firework fees and # of stands

02-12-13-01-Approve 1 & 6 year plan

02-12-13-02-Approve street closure-8.24.13

02-12-13-03-Approve SDL for Dog House-8.24.13

02-26-13-01-Approve on-call employment of Jeremy Pojar

02-26-13-02-Approve on-call employment of Adam Smith

02-26-13-03-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

03-12-13-01-not passed

03-12-13-02-not passed

03-26-13-01-not passed

04-09-13-01-Approve liquor license-Kelcey's

04-23-13-01-Approve bid for cleaning

04-23-13-02-Approve SDL for Dog House-5.27.13

04-23-13-03-Approve street closure-5.27.13

05-14-13-01-Approve appointment of FD member

05-14-13-02-Approve bid for curb repairs

05-14-13-03-Approve purchase of maintenance supplies

05-14-13-04-Approve street closure-6.29.13

05-14-13-05-Approve SDL for Depot-6.1.13

05-14-13-06-Approve street closure-6.1.13

05-28-13-01-Approve NACO renewal

05-28-13-02-Approve SDL for Firebarn-6.8.13

07-09-13-01-Approve bid for repair in Cedar Hollow Park

07-09-13-02-Approve tree removal agreement with Keith Burge

07-09-13-03-not passed

07-09-13-04-Approve electrical work at library

07-09-13-05-not passed

07-30-13-01-Approve amended Redevelopment Contract for Homes at River Road

07-30-13-02-not passed

08-13-13-01-Approve appointment of library board member

08-27-13-01-Approve Dog House liquor license

08-27-13-02-Approve El Bee's liquor license

08-27-13-03-Approve Depot liquor license

08-27-13-04-Approve Firebarn liquor license

08-27-13-05-Approve Farmer Brown's liquor license

08-27-13-06-Approve appointment of Planning Board member

08-27-13-07-In recognition of Troy Peterson

08-27-13-08-Approve appointment of emergency manager director

08-27-13-09-Approve purchase of FD supplies

08-27-13-10-Approve SDL for Firebarn-9.28.13

08-27-13-11-not passed

08-27-13-12-Approve employment of Steve Miserez

09-10-13-01B-Set Property tax request

09-10-13-01-Place lien on 23703 Elm Cir

09-10-13-02-Amend PeopleService agreement

09-24-13-01-Approve purchase of library supplies

09-24-13-02-Place lien on 23703 Elm Cir

10-08-13-01-Approve purchase of office software

10-08-13-02-not passed

10-22-13-01-Approve appointment of FD member

10-22-13-02-Approve appointment of FD member

10-22-13-03-Approve installation of lights on water tower

11-26-13-01-Approve appointment of FD member

12-10-13-01-Set firework fees and # of stands

12-10-13-02-Designate depository bank

Agendas and Minutes

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