718-Not passed

719-Not passed

720-Not passed

721-Confirm sale of 205 Washington St

722-Adopt Master Fee Schedule

723-Amend Library Section of Municipal Code Book

724-Increase employee wages

725-Sales Tax Increase to 2%



01-24-12-01-Purchase Order System

02-14-12-01-One & Six Year Road Plan

02-28-12-01-Levee Operations and Maintenance Manual

02-28-12-02-Certification of Petitions to put topic of retaining Village form of government on ballot

03-27-12-01- Not Passed

03-27-12-02-Appoint Betty Brengelman to the Planning Commission

03-27-12-03-Appoint John William Clark to the Planning Commission

03-27-12-04-Appoint Justin Rossitto to the Planning Commission

03-27-12-05- Appoint Kurt Dohn to the Planning Commission

03-27-12-06-Amend NRD Interlocal Agreement

03-27-12-07-Direct the sale of 205 Washington St

03-27-12-08-UP agreement for 3rd Street Project

03-27-12-09-Amend JEO Agreement

04-24-12-01-Appoint Adam Smith to Fire Department

04-24-12-02-Authorize sale of property

04-24-12-03-Authorize street closing for flea market

04-24-12-04-Amend JEO 3rd Street Agreement

05-22-12-01-Appoint James Hopkins to Fire Department

05-22-12-02-Appoint David Sekera to Fire Department

05-22-12-03-Closure of 3rd St-5/8/12

05-22-12-04-Closure of 3rd St-7/21/12

05-22-12-05-Closure of S Front from 6th to 7th

05-22-12-06-Employment of Charles Rehmeier

05-22-12-07-SDL for FireBarn-8/25/12

05-22-12-08-NACO insurance plan review

05-22-12-09-Closure of 4th St from Lincoln to Washington

06-12-12-01-Not Passed

06-12-12-02-Amend Res. 05-22-12-04

06-12-12-03-Bid for tree treatment

06-26-12-01-Bid for 3rd St Water Main Project

06-26-12-02-does not exist

06-26-12-03-Not Passed

06-26-12-04-Employment of KC Bang

06-26-12-05-Recognition of Linda Oyster

06-28-12-01-Not Passed

07-10-12-01-Not Passed

07-10-12-02-Retirement Party expenditure

07-10-12-03-Closure of Cedar Dr-7/21/12

07-24-12-01-Not Passed

07-24-12-02-Plans for Homes at River retention pond

07-24-12-03-Closure of parade route for Harvest Days

07-24-12-04-Appoint Marlo Scott to Library Board

07-24-12-05-Appoint Heidi Melcher to Library Board

07-24-12-06-Purchase of signs for Levee right of way

07-24-12-07-Not passed

08-14-12-01-Appoint Linda Clark to Library Board

08-14-12-02-Bid for Levee spraying

08-14-12-03-Not Passed

08-14-12-04-Sales Tax Increase proposition

08-28-12-01-Elkhorn River Bank Stabilization Plans

08-28-12-02-Liquor License Renewals for 2012-2013

08-28-12-03-Purchase of mower

08-28-12-04-Purchase of tractor

08-28-12-05-Purchase of Fire Department equipment

08-28-12-06-Employee Service Awards

08-28-12-07-Street repairs

09-11-12-01-Set fees for winter firework stands in 2012

09-11-12-02-Bid for spraying


09-25-12-01-Authorize sale of John Deere tractor

09-25-12-02-Purchase of waste water treatment facility equipment

09-25-12-03-Purchase of Maintenance Dept equipment

09-25-12-04-Employement of Mark Wilson

10-23-12-01-Bid for John Deere tractor

10-23-12-02-Repairs to bobcat

10-23-12-03-Increase in CPI to PeopleService Agreement

10-23-12-04-Purchase of Fire Department equipment

11-13-12-01-Touch read meters

11-13-12-02-Bid for Elkhorn River Bank Stabilization project

11-13-12-03-JEO Agreement for Elkhorn River Bank Stabilization project

11-13-12-04-Purchase of mobile radar unit

11-13-12-05-Purchase of Police cruiser

11-27-12-01-Purchase of Office front door

11-27-12-02-Purchase of time clock system

11-27-12-03-Appoint Nick Kaufman to Fire Department

11-27-12-04-Appoint Justin Eischeid to Fire Department

12-11-12-01-Not Passed

12-11-12-02-Set Bank Depository

Agendas and Minutes

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